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The Döttling Gyrowinder is a unique feat of engineering. For the first time ever, the high-precision instrument allows completely free rotation of the watch in all directions – including a complete rollover – which comes closest to the movement of the watch on one’s wrist. This already sets the Gyrowinder distinctly apart from conventional watch winders, which merely rotate a watch on a fixed axis, either to the left or to the right.

What also makes the Gyrowinder so unique is the broad scope of adjustment possibilities. For example, since watches all have different weights, it comes with a set of counterweights – like an antique scale. Using them, each watch can be individually balanced. The optimal position of the Gyrowinder is set beforehand using the integrated spirit level and three adjustable feet.

The Gyrowinder is visually reminiscent of the rich tradition of nautical navigation instruments, with their gimbals and refined materials, created for eternity. Though the source of inspiration for the Gyrowinder has precious little to do with seafaring romance, for the idea came from a visit to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. More precisely, after the test of a training instrument for aspiring astronauts, the functionality of which has now been integrated into the Gyrowinder. In this sense one could say that under its hand-blown, crystal glass cover, the Gyrowinder unites the best of both worlds.


The price is in Australian Dollars and includes delivery, installation, duty and GST. 

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