Luxury Safes

Exclusive & Unique Australia is in collaboration with Doettling to distribute their range of luxury safes in Australia.  Doettling is the German company that  has been manufacturing safes since 1919.

These safes are of unparalleled quality and design and are regarded as one of the most luxury safes in the world. Doettling luxury safes find homes among select connoisseurs and enthusiasts of the finest locksmith artisanry. They originate from the Doettling manufactory in Sindelfingen – in the heart of a region, which contains well-known companies like Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, and which stands for German ingenuity like no other. In that environment, Doettling builds its bespoke safes with elaborate craftsmanship, remarkable beauty and unique quality.

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Exclusive & Unique Australia specialises in supply of Rare Collectible Investment Diamonds - Australian Pink  Diamonds from Kimberley region. 

We are specialised diamond brokerage and we provide end to end  Pink Argyle Diamond investment services and solutions from diamond sourcing,  certification,  valuations, storage, insurance, audit to eventual resale. Our offer includes a  wide range of pink diamonds of different cuts and carat weights.  Partnering with the Argyle mine authorised partner has enabled us to provide very attractive prices and a large selection of  Australian certified pink diamonds . We only offer ethically sourced diamonds directly from the  Argyle mine in  Kimberley, Western Australia. 

Exclusive & Unique Australia provides services to a range of clients, including private retail investors, international investors , high net worth individuals, self managed funds trustees and wealth managers. 

Argyle pink diamonds are  among the rarest coloured diamonds in the world. That has made them extremely popular with  diamond  collectors, enthusiasts and investors.  90% of the world’s annual natural pink diamond supply came from one single source -  The Argyle Mine in Western Australia that ceased to operate in November 2020. With the Argyle mine closure, the demand for these rare diamonds is likely to outstrip supply. That would make these pink diamonds even more attractive to collectors and investors.

All diamonds have Argyle and GIA Certificates. Some examples of our range can be browsed below.

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Exclusive & Unique Australia offers a collection of some of the rarest, oldest and most collectible bottles of Whisky produced.


Unique Experiences

Our listings include exclusive and some rather Unique Experiences.


Rare & Unique Products

We include in our offer a range of unusual, Rare & Unique Products.