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The Great Gatsby is known for its masterful portrayal of the Roaring Twenties – an era of economic prosperity and fascinating cultural dynamism in the major cities of New York, London, Berlin, and Paris. In this decade, jazz music blossomed, women’s fashion was redefined, and art deco reached its peak.

We kept all of this in mind when developing the Döttling Gatsby. The ways in which this luxurious high-security safe with the perfect compact size can be customized are nearly limitless. A variety of the finest leathers, colors, and interiors are available, enabling even the most extravagant combinations. At the same time, the Döttling Gatsby features the opulent decor elements of the Döttling flagship The Bel-Air – saddle leather handles and edge straps with bullen-nails. All metal fittings are highly polished, and as with every Döttling, the Gatsby is handcrafted in Germany by our experts in accordance with the highest security standards.

Our first edition pays homage to the famed compositions of contemporary masters of luxury. A source of inspiration and, at the same time, an invitation to our customers to create their own individual Gatsby masterpiece.


The price is in Australian Dollars and includes delivery, installation, duty and GST. 

For any other information, please call us on  03 8672 9912 or email us at  info@eandu.com.au


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